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One of the largest cave complex in Sri Lanka which built by King Walagambha in 01st Century BCE. It is a perfect example of good planning and use of land in the very wise way. It is one of well spread Buddhist Monastery. Dambulla cave paintings are very famous among tourists due to its stunning and amazing. Many kings of Sri Lanka has been supported and developed the Buddhist Monastery in Dambulla also they resorted the paintings as well. Unfortunately downfall of Polonnaruwa era this temple has been abandoned. After that this amazing place restored in the Kandian era. The ancient paintings were destroyed and in Kandiyan Era this place has been developed and pained again. King Senerath 1604-1635 A.C restored and repaired the temple. Not even that King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe 1747-1782 fully repaired the temple. The cave painting made on a very smooth surface and used natural colors. Basically able to find 153 Buddhist paintings in Dambulla Cave Temple.


Many Buddhist paintings and sculptures still remaining in Caves. There are five major caves in Buddhist Monastery. There is no evidence in early age paintings in Caves today we found the paintings which made in 17th and 18th centuries. Not even that many Gods and Goddess images found in those caves. Also painted the most important incidents of Lord Buddha and that is truly remarkable and it is one of best example for the amazing skill of Sinhalese artists in past.