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Handungoda Tea Factory is world famous due to its superb pure white tea making process. It is the only one place in Sri Lanka that available White Tea. Many foreigners are coming to this great place. The management follows the pure process for making tea and even they don’t touch the tea leaves. Everything has been arranged upon Chinese rituals and customs. This amazing place locates near to Weligama. It is the best place to observe low country tea making process also management facilitate to demonstrate the tea making process. Also guests able to get more knowledge because they are always willing to explain about the product and its process. Wider spread area also the best place to spend time more leisurely even guests able to enjoy the natural surroundings at Virgin White Tea plantation. Handungoda Tea Factory is the best place to buy low land tea with pure white tea.

Tea plantation labours and staff also well qualified for the virgin white tea process and Chinese rituals. Tea museum is the best place to grab more knowledge locates in Handungoda Tea Factory.